Metamorphosis! Caterpillars to butterflies!

How does a caterpillar become a butterfly? He eats and eats – and he grows and grows. And while he eats and grows, he thinks about becoming a butterfly. He eats and grows because he wants to become a butterfly.

When he has finished eating and growing, and just before he bursts, he stops eating and growing and spins a silk cocoon where he rests for weeks until something miraculous happens. Inside the cocoon, while he is resting, he is being transformed – metamorphosing – until, one day, he break outs of his cocoon, with wings, and beautiful colours. No longer an ugly worm!

That’s a picture of us. We are nothing but worms. We are sometimes full of guilt, self-hatred, and feelings of worthlessness, and we crawl on our bellies, wondering why we are even alive. But, if we eat and eat the word of God until our minds are full of the truth, and rest in who we are because of what God has done for us, we begin to metamorphose.

We grow wings. We are no longer fat and worthless worms, crawling on our bellies and waiting for yet another person to step on us. We can fly on the wings of God’s Spirit because we have eaten and are becoming who God says we are – His beloved sons and daughters.

Instead of being hairy, squishy and ugly, we are beautiful, full of colour and action, flitting from flower to flower, sipping the sweet nectar of God’s bountiful word and showing off the glory of our Creator.

What an amazing picture of what God can do, both in the natural world and in our inner lives. The caterpillar’s secret is to eat enough to grow big enough to spin a cocoon and to be transformed. Our secret is to “eat” enough of God’s word to grow big enough in our understanding of who He is, what He has done and what He wants to do for us, too, so we can be transformed.

Like the caterpillar changing to the butterfly, it’s a process, and it takes time.  For us it starts with a recognition of the enormity of God’s mercy. He did everything necessary to deal with our sin so that we can be reconciled to Him and restored to His family.

We have only one response to His mercy – to give ourselves to Him, body, soul and spirit. Then we begin to feast on His word – eat like starving beggars until we are so filled up with His truth that we can rest in Him and be changed – to be like Jesus.

Caterpillars to butterflies!

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