Life’s A Journey


“Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride.” That may be a TV jingle but it is also quite true. The Bible traces the faith journeys of many different people whose stories encourage us because none of them started off perfect and not one of them arrived at their destination unscathed but they learned to trust God!

Take Abraham, for example. He began his journey fresh out of idolatry! He worshipped the heavenly bodies until an unknown and unseen God called him. It must have been quite a transition for him to follow a God whom he could hear but not see after seeing but never hearing what he worshipped!  It took him many years of learning by trial and error to trust this God enough to obey Him to the point of almost killing his son.

Our faith journey is also often a bumpy ride. We may not have to leave family and country and travel into the unknown but tomorrow is just as unknown for us as it was for Abraham. It takes years of listening and learning to trust God when we can see nothing ahead for our confidence in Him to grow.

How do we learn to trust God? There is another way to spell faith – r-i-s-k. Faith is about taking risks in obedience to God’s Word. Take, for example, what God says about generosity. That is a difficult one because our lives revolve so much around money, and especially these days when our money doesn’t go very far.  How can we give our money away when we have so little for ourselves?

That’s where risk comes in. Generosity is not just about giving away something we have to help another person in need. Faith can also be spelt in another way – o-b-e-d-i-e-n-c-e – doing what God says. It’s about obeying God and then watching Him work miracles in response to our obedience. Faith is a partnership with God. He tells us what to do and, when we obey Him, He does His part and miracles happen. But, until we obey Him even when it’s tough to do so, we won’t experience what He can do in response to our faith

Then something else happens as well. Every time we trust God, whether it be for help in trouble or when things go wrong and we don’t understand what is happening, we grow in confidence in God’s trustworthiness. The next time we run into difficulties, it is easier to trust God because we have the backing of experience.

Life is a journey. It can be pleasant or unpleasant, depending on whether we believe our fears of trust our Father.

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