Seven Points For Parents


How can we, as godly parents, help to steer our children through the minefield of ungodly influences that come from TV, music, literature, peer pressure and every other possible source? The criterion, “Everybody’s doing it” is just not good enough when our children are faced with disaster.

Instead of trying to handle this issue from a negative perspective, putting all sorts of over-protective boundaries in place that will eventually end up in teenagers kicking over the traces as soon as they taste a bit of freedom, let’s look at some principles so that we can work with our kids, and not just become the proverbial killjoys.

Principle 1 – we are in an all-out spiritual war and the prize is our children. If the devil can get our children and young people on his side by desensitising them to immorality, dishonesty and indecency, and especially to his existence and the dark forces of the demonic world, he has gained a spectacular victory over a whole generation. Who, then will pass on the truth of God? Children need to be made aware of Satan’s existence, his intention and his methods of gaining access to their minds. The purpose is to make them aware, not to scare them.

Principle 2 – we, parents, will ultimately be held responsible for who has the greatest influence on our kids; society, the media, their peers, their teachers, or us, the ones who have been entrusted with shaping them for adulthood. We cannot shrug off this responsibility.

Principle 3 – our children will model themselves on the ones who have the greatest influence on them. If we, as parents, are absent, physically or emotionally, they will find a role model somewhere else. Who do we want them to copy?

Principle 4 – our physical presence without a loving and trusting relationship is of no value at all. Children need a safe place in which to learn and develop. Overindulgence is just as damaging as overprotection. Boundaries should protect, not smother, and children should be allowed to make mistakes without being destroyed by harsh discipline. Always keep the lines of communication open.

Principle 5 – we should teach our children to show their love for us by honouring the values we hold as important. We should reciprocate by honouring them and helping them to value what helps them to live the best life and value them for who they are rather than what they can do.

Principle 6 – we must help them to interpret current trends, i.e., music, toys, clothing, movie stars, icons of fashion etc., in the long term.  Kids are out for instant gratification. We need to help them to evaluate what the influences of these things are on them. Help them to work with the Holy Spirit.

Principle 7 – our greatest responsibility is to develop in them an awareness of the presence of a loving Father who wants the very best for them.  God is not an intrusion into their lives but the very breath that they breathe, there to protect them from evil and fill their lives with real joy which only comes from living within the boundaries He has set for us so that we can be really free.

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