Do You Love The Holy Spirit?


I love the Holy Spirit.

Where would I be without Him?  He drew me to Jesus when I was spiritually dead.  He opened my blind eyes when Jesus was nothing to me. He gave me new life and transferred me from the dominion of darkness into the kingdom of God.

I love Him because He lives inside of me.  He talks to me every day, assuring me that God loves me and that I have been fully accepted in the Beloved One.  He is my Paracletos, propping me up when I totter so that I can keep walking upright.  He is my Counsellor.  I turn to Him for understanding, guidance, comfort and strength and He is always there because He is in me.

I love Him because He is the best teacher in the world.  I can ask Him any question I like and He always has the answer.  His answers aren’t just information.  They are life-changing if I really listen to Him. He leads me into truth and teaches me about Jesus.

What does that mean to me?  There is so much that Jesus said and did that doesn’t make sense to me.  I can read stories about Him without understanding the significance of those events until the Holy Spirit opens my understanding.  I see the relevance of His life for me here and now and I can apply those truths to myself until they affect my life.

I love the Holy Spirit because He uses me in ways I am seldom aware of, to influence other people towards Jesus.  He makes big in other people’s lives what seems insignificant to me.  When I share Jesus with someone else, I don’t have to rely on how well I can explain or how clever my arguments are.  It is His work to make people aware of their sinfulness and their need for Jesus’ forgiveness and cleansing.  Being a witness for Jesus isn’t hard work because the Holy Spirit works through me.

I love Him because He takes my prayers, turns my words, groans and tears into something intelligible to God, and presents them perfect and acceptable to the Father.  He interprets my heart, not my words. The Father and He, in turn, respond according to my needs, not my nonsense.

The Holy Spirit turns my intentions into actions.  I don’t have the power to do that but, when I have decided to do or to speak what is right, He energises me from the inside to do what I have resolved to do.

He is so much more than the words on this page.  He is my centre.  It’s no wonder I love Him!  Do you?

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