Do You Love Jesus?


I love Jesus. Why do I love Jesus?

I love Him because He left the wonders of heaven to become a man – for me! I read about heaven in the Bible but I can’t imagine what it must be like because I’ve never experienced anything like it here. He must really love me to have done that!

I love Him because He put up with so much by becoming a man.  He was the darling of heaven but here on earth He was despised, rejected, hated, misunderstood, insulted, ridiculed, beaten, stripped naked and crucified – for me. He endured temptation, hunger, weariness, heat,  cold, frustration, pain and sorrow, just like me, to feel what I feel so that He can be a faithful High Priest standing before God to make intercession for me.

I love Him because He endured all this patiently for me.  He never gave in or gave up. He kept the goal in sight, to rescue me from the devil’s clutches and make me a child in His family and He did it – for me.

I love him because He took my place on the cross. I should have been the one to suffer for my sin, to have been shut out of God’s presence forever. I should have been sealed up in a tomb to rot and my soul to burn in hell. But Jesus took my place and then gave me the gift of life – which I do not deserve.

I love Him because He rose up from the grave. Death couldn’t keep Him down. Because He lives, He promised that I will also live – forever. And I believe Him. It’s the hope I cling to when everything is going crazy. He overcame the world and now I have peace in Him.  I’m not afraid of anything because He loves me and will never abandon me,  no matter what happens.

I love Him because He’s coming again. When I look at the mess the world is in, and the destruction we have wreaked on God’s earth, I cling to the promise that He’ll make everything new. All the tattered and unfinished ends of my life He’ll complete.  He’ll finish what He started and I’ll be a part of it.

I love Him because He has given me the right to share His righteousness, His throne and His inheritance. Because of him I have been fully accepted by God.  I have already reached God’s standard of perfection because Christ in me is the hope of glory.

I love Him because He has been made even higher than He was before. He deserves it, don’t you think?

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