A Belief Problem


Your behaviour reflects what you believe.

If you think about it, you’ll realise it’s true!  We don’t have a sin problem, we have a belief problem.  For instance, if you hear a noise in your house during the night and believe there’s a burglar in your kitchen, will you put the light on and welcome him into your home?  No ways!  You’ll either shiver in your bed or grab a weapon and sneak up on him in the dark.  Regardless of whether it’s only your husband getting a drink of water, you may well hit him over the head before you find out who it is!

What do we need to do to change our behaviour?  Trying harder not to sin won’t help.  Changing what we believe will.  How do we change what we believe when what we think about ourselves, about what God thinks of us and about life, comes from the way we interpret our painful life experiences?

Look at Zaccheus, the little man who climbed a tree to see Jesus.  He probably believed that having a lot of money was the most important thing in life, but why?  Did he have some personal issue that made him feel worthless, so money became his goal to give meaning to his life? Having money is okay as long as it’s not the thing that gives you meaning.  The way he got his money wasn’t okay.  It left him feeling guilty and ashamed and perhaps even afraid of what people might do to him because he stole from them through overtaxing.

He was curious about Jesus. Everyone had either heard about or heard Him.  There was something about Him that attracted Zaccheus and made him want to see Jesus but he was afraid to face Him.  Being small and climbing a tree may have been an excuse to avoid a face-on meeting.

What changed Zaccheus so radically?  Jesus didn’t say a word about his lifestyle.  Why? Because it wasn’t important to Him.  I think two things changed Zaccheus.  Firstly, Jesus knew him.  He knew his spiritual hunger and that’s why He called him down so that He could spend time with him.  Secondly, Jesus accepted him.  He wasn’t concerned about what Zaccheus did.  He was concerned about what Zaccheus believed.

Being with Jesus changed everything and the evidence of that change was his attitude to his money.  Meeting with Jesus made him realise that it was his connection with Him that gave him significance, not how much money he had..  He was faced with the truth that Jesus was the only person who could give meaning to his life.  What he now believed turned him right around and set him on a new path.

What are you believing that needs changing.  Only a meeting with Jesus will change your beliefs.  If you seek Him, you will find Him.

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