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For several years I have inched my way through Luke’s Gospel, and what a fascinating journey it has been!  I have walked with Jesus from the cradle to the cross.  I have watched and listened as He has interacted with all sorts of people, from hypocrites to hooligans, from pious to pagans.  I have been amazed at how He has mirrored and modelled the Father so that now I have a much clearer picture of who the Father really is.

Let me share with you one of the treasures I have uncovered on this journey.  Jesus is lying dead in the tomb.  A small group of women stumble through the early morning light to carry out their last act of love – to anoint His body with spices which they could not do after He died because the Sabbath had come and they were forced to rest.

In their grief they want to freeze this moment in time, in a sense to hold on to their pain and get the most out of it that they could.  Beyond this moment they have to forget about Jesus and get on with their lives and right now they can’t let go.

Isn’t it like that with all of us?  We don’t enjoy our pain and yet, somehow, we want to hold on to it just for a while, to enjoy the sympathy and attention we might get, or just have the satisfaction of feeling bad for a while.  We want to freeze our moment in time.

But when they got to the tomb Jesus had already moved on.  The tomb was empty and God’s agenda was advancing.  If they had only remembered that Jesus had promised He would rise again!  If they had only trusted Him they could have saved themselves the pain of grief as well as the time and energy they had spent on preparing for His burial.

That is so like us.  We expend so much energy on our fear, anxiety and anguish instead of trusting that God is not taken by surprise when bad things happen to us.  He has plans and His agenda is in place.  While we sit and mourn our situation He is moving on and leaving us behind.

We discover too late that, if we had only trusted Him, we could have saved ourselves all our emotional pain and wasted energy if we simply waited for the next step when all God’s plans come together for our good, as He promised.  Once again He has to shake His head and say, “When will you learn?  Why did you not trust me?”

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