Kingdom First!


I have recently been reading several books by Myles Munroe – a man who has extensively studied and written on the kingdom of God.   Why the kingdom?

A fifteen-day fast resulted in a two-word instruction to him from the Holy Spirit – “Kingdom first”! This instruction resulted in a 30-year quest to understand, seek and live in the kingdom of God and teach it to the church.

If God’s instruction to him was “Kingdom first”, it is no different for us because the command comes from the lips of Jesus Himself (Matthew 6:33).

Pastor Paul has taught us much about the kingdom of God.  In this limited space I want to share with you a bit about the other side of the coin.  What will happen if we don’t seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness?

Jesus said we are to make the kingdom of God our priority and in saying so He turned the value system of the world on its head.  What is the priority of the world? Things!  Although we may think that money and things are the true measure of our lives, what is actually more significant is what we do with our time.  Time is the currency of life and how we spend it reveals what our priorities are. Tragically the priorities of the people in the church are no different from the priorities of the world.


  1. We do not understand how the kingdom of God works,
  2. We don’t take Jesus’ instruction to make the kingdom a priority seriously,
  3. We find it difficult to trust Him to keep His promise that He will provide all the resources we need to fulfil His command.

Priorities are determined by our purpose.   When we have no purpose or don’t know our purpose, we squander our currency of time with no return.  Says Dr Munroe, “Nothing is more tragic than a life without purpose.” (Applying the Kingdom, page 31)

According to Dr Munroe, this is what will happen if we choose to reject God’s purpose for His people and focus on the wrong things in life i.e. making a living instead of living a life.

Without the right priorities we:

Waste time and energy on the wrong things, we do the unnecessary, we are preoccupied and major on the unimportant, we invest our time and money on what is valueless, we use our resources ineffectively, we abuse our gifts and talents and will ultimately be a failure in life because we did not do what we were called to do.

So, instead of thinking we are wiser than Jesus, why not follow His instruction and fulfill the highest calling on your life.

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