The Power Of Words


What does the word “power” conjure up in your mind?

I recently watched an episode of “Seconds from Disaster” on E-TV, which recorded the volcanic eruption of Mt St Helens in the USA in the early ‘80’s.  Wow, now that’s power!  The entire side of the mountain blew out, sending millions of tons of ash, dust and rocks into the air and killing people as far as 30 miles away and more.

What about the power of water – tsunamis that deluge buildings and people and change landscapes forever, waterfalls that erode rock away and cut deep gorges in the earth, or fire that sweeps away everything in its path and seems almost unstoppable in its heat and fury.

This is raw power, destructive, frightening and awesome to watch.

I know something far more powerful than even the raw power of the natural world – the power of words.  In the beginning God sent out His creative word and the universe was.  God still sends out His word and upholds the same universe, holding it all together in perfect harmony – suspended on His word.

But what about the words you speak.  We used to say, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.”  What a lie!  Words have the power to wreck a life and words have the power to redeem.

God’s word – that which He speaks, is the expression of who He is.  What He says is who He is.  Unlike us, His word is completely consistent with who He is. Is it any wonder that Jesus is called the Word?  Jesus is the visible image of God.  He told His disciples, “He who has seen me has seen the Father.”  He speaks what the Father speaks and His word is spirit and life.

We, too, can use words to build or destroy.  Perhaps you have been the recipient of words spoken in your childhood which still affect you today.  Destructive words have halted your life, your dreams, your career because you are still haunted by comments or accusations that brought death to your soul.

Jesus can break the power of the negative words spoken to you.  He said, “The words that I speak to you are spirit and life.”  Listen to His word to you and you will enter into real life.

Instead of the words that we speak so thoughtlessly into the ears and heart of another, how would you like to be the  one who brings life into your family by speaking words that build and restore instead of pulling down and destroying?  Jesus said that you will give an account of every idle word you speak.


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