About My Book . . .


We live in a world of people who have orphan hearts. Many of its citizens are fatherless, either because they were conceived out of wedlock or because their fathers opted out of being true fathers. The result is a world of insecure people who do not know who they are. They have no name, no home and no inheritance. Even the people of God are infected with this mentality.

Jesus came to earth primarily to reveal the Father, to remove the barrier of sin between us and the Father and to take us to the Father. How do we know that we are the true sons and daughters of God and can enjoy the benefits of belonging to His family?

I wrote the book – Learning to be a Son – the Way to the Father’s Heart – to help God’s children to understand why we are in the privileged relationship of children of God and to embrace the privileges and responsibilities of sonship. Everything God gives us and does in and through us is on the basis of sonship. Prayer is the privilege of sons. We have a name, a home and an inheritance in Christ because He brought us back to the Father and reconciled us to Him through His death.

The belongingness and security we all long for is to be found only in our status as sons. My book will open up a new world of understanding of who we are and what we have in Christ.

Have you read my new book, Learning to be a Son – The Way to the Father’s Heart (copyright 2015, Partridge Publishing)? You’ll love it!

Available on http://www.amazon.com in paperback, e-book or kindle version or order directly from the publisher at http://www.partridgepublishing.com.


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